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The Range of TER-3 thermostats allows you to use them under any conditions

  • TER-3A - Thawing gutters, driveways, keeping the temperature in cooling systems (freezer)
  • TER-3B  - monitoring the critical temperature of the room (kitchen, bathroom, kennel, greenhouse, ...) and the subsequent switching of ventilation
  • TER-3C - regulation and monitoring temperature heating systems, heat exchangers, machines, engines and equipment
  • TER-3D/G – regulation of halls, gyms and other public spaces, but also for hot water and fluids
  • TER-3H - Temperature monitoring anti-icing pipeline (sewage, drinking water, freezer guidance ...)
  • TER-3E - simple thermostat with a fixed hysteresis for monitoring the temperature of liquids in tanks, vats, sumps
  • TER-3F – an internal sensor is part of the device, because it can be used for temperature monitoring in the control cabinet, server room ...

Technical benefits and facilitating Installation for you:

  • AC / DC in the range 24-240V eliminates the purchase of additional power sources
  • Adjustable hysteresis 0.5 - 5C will positively affect the efficiency of switching the heat source
  • Changing the Heating / cooling, by simply switching mode (summer / winter) DIP switch
  • Temperature range -30˚C + 70C in 8 types of thermostats
  • 16A AgSnO contact means without the use of a contactor or auxiliary relay
  • Ability to management temperature sensors at up to 50m distance
  • Monitoring of disconnection / short circuit  gives you early warning of emergency situations
  • The method of measurement NTC / PT 100
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