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Dimmers for all LED light sources

Why is it hard to say how many LED light sources can be connected to the dimmer? Did you know that even though the manufacturers’ dimmer parameters indicate the load, you have not yet won? Why?

Each dimmer has overload protection which cuts out when it reaches a certain peak current value. Each load (incandescent, LED, energy-saving bulbs) has a power value, which is usually indicated on the manufacturers’ packaging. However, the peak current value of the load does not appear anywhere. Given that each LED or energy saving bulb has some internal electronics the peak current values for the different products vary widely. Therefore you cannot generally determine the number of individual LED bulbs, if you do not know if this value, outside the testing of a specific number of units.

We have tested the dimmers for you. Check out the summary table of load capacity for light sources.

Table download here ( [144 KB]).

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